Functional expertise is essential for success of any product. We conduct training sessions for imparting functional training to our employees. We have also organized field trips to manufacturing units to enable our people to gain in-depth experience of how the units worked. We have a strong functional expertise in the following areas:

Business Paradigms:

Lean Agile, Cellular, Kanban, Seiban, Kaizen APS, CRP, MRP, ERP, QRM, DRP, MPS.

Business Functions:

Financials, Costing, Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, Inventory Control, Warehousing, Maintenance Management, Customer Relationship Management, Content and Knowledge Management.

Industry Verticals:

Capital Good, Electronics, Apparel, Textiles, Construction, Healthcare, Food Products, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Paper, Utilities, Transportation, Plastics, Oil, Automotive, Medical Equipment.